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Black Series
Double Doors

AdobeStock_249705713 flipped.jpg

Our LUX range of beautiful steel constructed doors not only offer an exquisite art form, they also provide the ultimate security. 

Choose from our extensive LUX range of designs or simply send us your ideas and let LUX bring them to life. 

All LUX designs are available in various size, colours and shapes.

The Concept


The Edge

The Edge.jpg

The Linear

The Linear.jpg

The Delta

The Delta.png

The Oracle

The Oricle Entrance.png

The Temple

The Temple Entrance.png

The Vogue

The Vogue.png

The Herringbone

The Herringbone.png

The Verge

The Verge Double.png

The Point

The Point.jpg

The Halo

The Halo.jpg

The Border

The Border.jpg

The Atlas

The Atlas Entrance.png

The Dash

The Dash.png

The Vault

The Vault Entrance.png

The Wire

The Wire.png

The Axis

The Axis Double.png

The Horizon

The Horizon Double.png
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