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Pro Technology Pty Ltd is proud to announce the introduction of The LUX Wrought Iron Doors range to our ever increasing product line. With over 30 years experience in the building and associated industries, our aim is to always offer the best possible value with exceptional service to our clients. These strikingly beautiful and practical doors are manufactured to the highest standard, using the same methods that have been passed on for generations in the metal working industry.



Not only do they create an everlasting first impression to your home, retail outlet or any application that requires a statement, they also stand the test of time for many years in both beauty and durability.


With our commitment to value, LUX Iron Doors are shipped direct from the manufacturer to your door in all CBD areas Australia Wide at no charge. We cover all shipping, port fees and GST.

Shipping will take approximately 8 to 10 weeks from the order and payment date.


Our LUX Iron Doors include many things that others consider options.

A variety of sizes, shapes, colours, glass and handles are included with every purchase.



Although we include installation instructions, the simplicity of installing these beautiful doors was also our primary aim.


They arrive fully packed with all that is required to make this task a breeze. 

If you do not feel comfortable with the installation, feel free to contract your local carpenter for a quote.


All of this and of course the safety of a full metal door that does not require another security barrier to spoil the appearance of one of your largest investments.

The Mangaging Director of Pro Technology Pty Ltd, Mr Angelo Serruto is pleased to personally accept any queries you may have on the exciting range of LUX Iron Doors.

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